Children’s Art Classes

Visual Art Classes for Young Artists

Nurture your child's love of art!

Our children's art classes promote individual creative growth and expression through the joy of art. Your child will discover their own creative potential through the development of their technical and artistic skills in a fun learning environment.

All classes are suitable for new and continuing students.

Through keeping our classes to a maximum of 5 students, children receive individual attention they would not normally attain in a school classroom environment. This encourages original thinking, creative problem solving, self-confidence and individual growth both personally and academically.

The term fees include all materials used in class.

Fun with painting
Art Class

The aim of this course is to have fun, use your flair, and fully immerse yourself in learning new ways to make art.  “Who Am I”  In today's society kids are going to need a release and someting that will help them feel better about them selves and who they are. We will focus on portraiture painting, drawing and collage, students will develop a broad range of art making techniques that will help them understand space and volume, size, shape, tone and line work.

We will introduce simple concepts that will broaden, not limit, their unique and raw creativity. Students will be encouraged to bring in objects from the home that have meaning to them, start a visual art diary, and develop the beginnings of their artist practice.

Throughout the year, students will gain an understanding of concepts in art through a range of creative, technical and other exercises that are fun and engaging.

Contact me for class dates.

Exploring Paint

This course is a fun learning experience for the children, where they will explore different techniques of applying paint to a substrate.   The unusual methods of letting the paint dictate the image, with a little manipulation from the artist.

With a series of splats, dribbles, subtraction and layers of paint, the artist has to use their imagination to find an image in the vast forest of colour and blends.

We will be exploring colour, colour mixing, contrasts, and composition as well as contours using positive and negative space.

Painting For Therapy

Painting is a great way to express feelings with out words.   The little artist will feel a sense of accomplishment upon completion of their first peice.  Children have some great idea's and with a little encouragement we can bring the Picasso out in them.

This class is available for bookings after school, holidays as well as Saturday's.  Contact me for information. This is a great hobbie for the kids and it takes them away from technology for a few hours to learn some interesting and fun techniques using a variety of materials and approaches to making art.  This course is great fun for the kids. will include lots of colour, collage, painting and drawing.  A great introduction to the art of Picasso, and the man who built the foundations of art as we know it today!

Students will be introduced to a variety of ways of making art using references to Picasso’s work. This includes collage,  painting and drawing. A fun and engaging program for everyone!