Painting Tips

Exaggeration is the key.
Emphasize one aspect of the subject, such as the foliage or the things hidden in it. Make them stand out instead of the tree it grows on and then subordinate other features. Whether you’re working realistically or abstractly, you can make a stunning presentation by exaggerating the most interesting points. Or make the plainest points interesting.

Sometimes the subject matter you had in mind becomes a stumbling block to our creativity. You can free yourself from slavishly sticking to the subject by putting your reference material away and using the numerous images you have stored away in your memory instead. Listen to the paint, the patterns that you have to work with and let them tell you where to go. Build up from what you have. Don’t fight it. This often produces amazing results.
Enjoy the painting process. Adopt a playful and experimental attitude, and don’t worry if you think it looks wrong, it will take many layers to build it up.
It is when the final layers are complete you can start with the finer details.
These are the details that bind the painting together.
There are no mistakes in art. It’s a creative journey. Push through until you find your own. You’ll know when you are there.
Jen Denise Stark