“Kingfisher creates the creeks and gullies”

“Kingfisher creates the creeks and gullies”

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90x60cm. Acrylic on canvas

Blue tongue lizard would not tell where he found precious water and none of the animals could find it, so they asked little rat Gula who followed Blue tongue and hid. Gula found the water bubbling from a spring, so everyone jumped in and began to splash and the kingfisher was so glad, he swam to and fro, and with his beak made creeks and gullies in front of the running water all the way down to the sea and that is how the small creeks and gullies were made. The moral of this story: He who is thought of least and of no account will be the greatest.

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Judith Emmerson James

Former art lecturer and gallery owner, working as a Disability Advocate, a freelance journalist and editor, as well as producing multitudinous art works, which include oils, pastels, inks, gilding, etchings, lino prints, mono prints and acrylics.  She says “All aspects of my art works are to be explored and tested to the limit.  This includes painted stories from a family ancestress of the Bundjalung Nation of northern New South Wales.  We remember and celebrate our indigenous ancestor by keeping the dreamtime stories alive through art, which we feel is important in ensuring these stories are not lost.  The children will learn the stories and the art as they grow”.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 x 20 x 70 cm