Thangs r not always as they seem
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Alice in Wonderland Series, “Things Are Not Always As They Seem”

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Product Description

Created April 2013

155cm x 121cm

Acrylic and Ink

Note: Alice series are to stay together with another of the series to be painted.  "Alice down a Rabbit Hole".

Where is Alice?  You say!!! 

My 5 children had been watching the Walt Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland. It was 9 year old Bethany who came out and told me her vision of the Cheshire cat painting where the cat was sitting in a tree.  I planned on helping her create one.  I really did.  But……. I did not expect the cat to come to me.  What would you do? 

It was the stripes of the cat that appeared through splashing cups of colour and mediums on my blank canvas.  I was thinking flowers when the Cheshire cat appeared.  It would have been a sin not to Go with the Flow, (excuse the pun).  Little did I know that the Cheshire was only the first of four in a series?  

I was so inspired; I spent countless days and nights in my studio with these colourful characters.   Days and nights turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.  Replaying the same musical scenes In A Golden afternoon, A-E-I-O-U…. A very merry un-birthday and Painting the rose’s red.  Until sadly the journey down the rabbit hole ended.  Or did it??

Where is Alice?   Alice is behind the eyes of the viewer.  The Alice Series is meant to inspire the audience to look inside themselves. 1.  Is everything in your life what it seems? Do you need to re-evaluate your life? 

2. Do you know who you are??  Really, who you are.  The real you….

3. Don’t be scared, we are all quite mad in some way or another.  Have you ever thought that, just Maybe; your unique madness could be your gift.

4. Painting the roses red is my favourite because I left three roses white.  These are yours to paint.  The question is, even with the world coming down on you as it is on the 3 of clubs.  Will you to choose to take your gift and paint your roses/life red.   With knowledge of who you are.  Really are…….

There are four statements. Things are not always what they seem, Who Are You? We are all Quite Mad, and Painting the Roses Red.

Think about it and be inspired.  Everyone has a place in this world.  It’s up to us to fulfil our potential.  Good luck on your journey.