“Kangaroo Stew”


Product Description

Title – "Kangaroo Stew" 

Size:  29cm x 21cm
My paintings are multi layered with windows of the layers showing through the finished piece. The paint is applied to the canvas in a series of pours. Each pour is carefully measured to ensure the right amount of mediums and chemicals are used in order to create a reaction between the paint, ink and some unconventional products found in hardware stores and supermarkets. After each layer is applied and let dry, I then subtract what I don’t wish to be there and apply another layer of pours, then the process begins again. Some paintings can take over a month to complete. I also use collage techniques. After pouring onto acetate, I will then find interesting patterns and utilise these in my paintings in the form of collage. My inspiration comes from nature. Everywhere I look I see Gods wonderful work in nature and try to replica that beauty. From a radiant rose to a wilted daisy that has out seen it’s life. It is all so intriguing to me, down to the fine hairs on a stem that others may overlook. I try and see into the layers of Gods canvas so as the imitate nature in my paintings. When the right combination is applied to paint the alchemical reaction starts to work and produces random, stunning designs that then can be manipulated by its surroundings, lending themselves to flora and fauna.


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 3 x 30 cm